Four little words that add spice to your life

October-02-2013 0 comments


After this trip to England, YOLO has officially made it into my vocabulary.

This morning, my niece was watching me dry my hair, grilling me with acronyms. Do you know what OMG stands for? Do you know what BFF stands for? How about BFFFL? OTT? I started to break a sweat, thinking, I cannot lose to a 10 year old!!

So I did what any amazing aunt would do – tried to stump her. I proudly smiled and asked her, do you know what YOLO means??


Followed by more silence.

These four little words pack a punch. You Only Live Once. How do you live your life? Do you go with the flow, easily and effortlessly? Or do you contemplate every decision, with precision, wondering if it would be a ‘safe’ choice? Wondering if you ‘should’? Sometimes this is necessary, but too often our routines become handcuffs and we risk missing the opportunity to enjoy what is right in front of us.

Last night, I chose YOLO over my habitual excuses and had an amazing night out on the town with my sister, cousins and friends. It took very little out of me and the payoff was priceless.

Your mission this week: Go with the flow. Go with Yolo. Enough said.

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