“Seema helped me improve my life. Her expertise & knowledge has helped me so much to focus on my goal. Seema never lost her patience with me. She patiently listened to me & redirected my focus to what I needed to continue with my life. Thank you Seema for your help & valuable coaching. I have a lot of joy from your coaching.”

Business Owner, Mississauga

“Seema is an amazing coach – her energy enthusiasm and love for life is apparent from the moment you meet her. She is a magnet for positivity.”

Carol McLean,
Co-Active Coach, PACT Urban Peace Program, Toronto

“Seema is a very thoughtful coach and her energy brings a new motivation to any space. Her ability to ask powerful questions as a co-active coach leads her clients to endless possibilities.”

Station Manager, Westjet, Montreal

“Seema is curious, intuitive and creates a space of warmth and safety in her coaching, as well as focus and clarity for her client. She displays skill and confidence in her coaching. I recommend without hesitation that she be awarded the ACC credential and know that she will make many positive contributions to both her clients and to the coaching profession.”

Staff Leader,
Coaches Training Institute, California

“Seema has exhibited excellent interpersonal skills during her seminar. She has prepared some very entertaining yet insightful activities so that the participants can rediscover themselves while having fun. Her workshops helped the participants to learn from one another, and to realize that there’s a gem in everyone, and that everyone is unique in their own right.”

Manager of Business Development and Marketing, Fan Appz

“Seema is a dynamic presenter and was extremely successful in engaging the audience and promoting participation. Each participant was instructed on the “4C’s cup of confidence” and then we set achievable goals and committed to not just recognizing the need for change, but taking action. This was an invaluable experience for me which I have put into practice in my career and personal life.”

Territory Manager, Abbot Laboratories

“When I look back over the last year, I see how instrumental my life coaching was in recreating my present and future self and the life that I want to live. People have noticed a ‘difference’ in me and I have noticed a transformation in the way I think and see myself. I finally feel noticed and less invisible. I truly know my authentic self and she is beautiful! I am so incredibly grateful that you were there at the right time with the right skills to provide the right guidance. The lives you will touch from now on will feel the benefits that I have – it really does transform you.”

Sales Representative, Healthcare Industry

“I engaged with Seema at a most pivotal time in my life, when I had some critical decisions to make about what I was going to do next and needed to get back in touch with the things that were meaningful and definitive for me at a deep level. There is no denying that we were successful in getting to a path forward, as I’ve come out of the coaching exercise more sure of myself, confident, resilient and grounded than I’ve felt in a long time. I can’t thank her enough for helping turn things around for me. The changes are profound and I would vouch she can achieve the same for anyone in a similar need.”

Senior Product Planner, Toronto

“I have been able to look at a lot of challenges and bumps in life from a wiser perspective and act from that place of power, which you have helped me to reclaim. What I liked best is that you enabled me to tap into my intuition and higher wisdom. You also have very creative ideas for tapping into that space. You also are very good at acknowledging milestones which we tend to minimize compared to the demands we place on ourselves.”

Sustainability Consultant, Toronto

“I am so much happier, it is indescribable. I am in a place where I could not have imagined being prior to my life coaching sessions. I was able to make bold decisions to improve my life and as a result, I am feeling happier, more confident in myself and more connected with my inner self.”

UHN, Toronto

“I now have confidence, direction and strategies to draw on and they are natural because we tried them on and know they work! Seema, you have a special gift to feel what’s going on with a person and instantaneously go deeper and offer insights. I recommend you because of your deep level of understanding of life and its challenges, and because of your ability to instantly provide accurate and relevant insights.”

Endocrine Specialty, Pharmaceutical Sales