• “Seema is an inspiring character – one you might read about in a book.”

    “I met her at a conference and was immediately drawn to her presence. She is warm and kind, and as any good friend, she tells you the truth for the sake of you achieving your dreams. As my coach, she encouraged me to be myself and focus on the small miracles and manifestations in every day life. As a result, I was able to make my dreams come to life (including finding my life partner)! What stood out for me was her ability to adapt to my style and pace of learning. While she didn’t force me to do anything out of my comfort zone, she continued to hold accountable for the areas I was exploring and learning about. I would recommend her to anyone.”

    – Amita, Senior Project Manager

  • “Doing the Akashic reading with a focus on finding out my life’s purpose was the most powerful and meaningful experience in my search for the ‘sweet spot’ of connecting what I’m good at and what I love to do. ”

    “In a very short period of time, we uncovered the critical pieces, and most importantly, the critical next steps I needed to take to help me create the career and life’s work that I’m passionate about. Not to mention, the very practical and helpful tips and suggestions that’ll make the journey easier and faster. The overall experience was connecting, grounding and inspiring all at the same time.”

    – Zeenat Khoja, Director at Eli Lilly

  • “Before working with Seema, I always felt like I was supposed to be working harder and achieving more. ”

    “After our reading, I felt such an immense sense of relief, joy, expansiveness and ease that completely took me by surprise. I feel like now, I can tell the stern taskmaster part of me to take a backseat and make room for the relaxed, sensual woman to take control. This is a place that’s much more beautiful for me to create from, and one I want to stay in. Seema’s energy is so positive that it was easy to see the future I’m creating for myself and approach it from a place of joy and flow. I’m finally learning to strengthen and trust my own intuitive ability. This is a gift I’ll never forget.”

    – Nadine Prada, Artist

  • “I wanted Seema to help me calm the snowstorm in my head and give me some direction in my life. She not only did that, but helped me pinpoint my values and showed me how to honor them.”

    “It was like she knew what I was thinking before I did! I learned how to recognize my saboteurs so I could tell them to butt out the next time they tried to interfere. Plus, Seema gave me tools and strategies for reverse-engineering positive feelings and high flows of energy to achieve my goals. I feel so much more confident and grounded now! Getting access to my Akashic records was like icing on the cake, and the insights from my guides were spot-on and easy to trust. When you work with Seema, she holds you accountable, puts you at ease and gently encourages you to open up about the ‘tough stuff’. She’s so bubbly and fun, I wish I could have a little jar on my desk of ‘Seema energy’ to dip into whenever I needed a wakeup call! You need this girl in your life. Trust me!”

    – Bela Nunes-Edwards, Lead Stylist, Stella & Dot

  • “Seema is a great spirit and a super supportive confidence coach who will help you go through a smooth transition, whether you’re making a u-turn or going through a major evolution in your life. ”

    “She’s not only knowledgeable in the Akashic realm and modern coaching methods, but she’s also someone who brings her complete heart and soul to your sessions to make them a thrilling experience.”

    – Duygu Alptekin, Leadership and Team Coach

  • “After speaking with Seema, I felt calm, connected to my truth and super confident in myself and my decisions.”

    “Seema Sodha is a real treasure. I was on the precipice of a huge life decision and after speaking with Seema, I felt calm, connected to my truth and super confident in myself and my decisions. She helped me get ready to forge forward with ease. Her akashic record sessions are not hokey in any sense but rather full of juice and wisdom”

    – Jennifer Schramm, Equine Facilitated Coach & Registered Counsellor

  • “Seema was able to tell me things through her reading which solidified questions I had been seeking answers for.”

    “I had been on a very fast and furious spiritual awakening when I met Seema. She did a reading which was absolutely amazing and has changed my approach to my life and continuous spiritual journey. Seema was able to tell me things through her reading which solidified questions I had been seeking answers for, such as this life’s purpose, key lessons I am currently learning and where I can use my natural talents in ways I only dreamed of. I would highly recommend Seema.”

    – Melanie, Manager, Training and Development

  • “Her insights brought my confidence back.”

    “My session with Seema was illuminating as she revealed insights from my Akashic Records. I had no idea what was involved, and in hindsight that was probably ideal. My goal was to go in with an open mind and I’m so happy I did! Through Seema, I was able to find my inner strength to try new things and finally have those icky conversations I was previously afraid to have. Her insights brought my confidence back. I love that she offers a complete package, digital recording and all! I have listened to the recording several times as a refresher and have continued to absorb and apply the solutions I was given to my challenges. I would recommend a reading with Seema especially if you feel that there is a little piece of the puzzle missing in your life. Her insights will help you identify and magically bring that puzzle piece to light.”

    – Allyson Reid, Social Media Marketer

  • “The 3 hours I have spent with you in the last 6 months have totally changed the trajectory of my life”

    “Seema, you have a gift! Your coaching and Akashic sessions are priceless! Honestly, the 3 hours I have spent with you in the last 6 months have totally changed the trajectory of my life. I just wanted to tell you this because I know I have not followed the typical path, but with the 3 sessions alone you have helped me in ways that you can’t imagine. THANK YOU!”

    – Milen Teweldai, Pharmacist

  • “I have been able to look at a lot of challenges and bumps in life from a wiser perspective and act from that place of power, which you have helped me to reclaim. “

    “What I liked best is that you enabled me to tap into my intuition and higher wisdom. You also have very creative ideas for tapping into that space. You also are very good at acknowledging milestones which we tend to minimize compared to the demands we place on ourselves.”

    – Izabela, Sustainability Consultant, Toronto

  • “Since experiencing life coaching first hand my friends and family have noticed positive changes in me. I am noticing them too; I am so much more of a pleasure to be around, enjoying the simple pleasures in life and savoring and living life moment to moment. This has made me a better daughter, sister and friend.”

    “Professionally I am extremely passionate about what I do, I know my purpose and am good at it. My co-workers also comment on the positive changes that have taken place for me. Overall I view the glass as being half full instead of empty, counting my blessings and being grateful for what I do have and noticing and enjoying this! :) Every so often I find myself just smiling at how very far I have come.”

    – Sabeena, HR Consultant