What can you learn about a KISS from your Dad?

October-02-2013 0 comments

Keep It Simple Stupid.

The KISS acronym strikes again.

I decided to sleep at my parent’s house last night so that we could celebrate Father’s Day in the morning with a simple breakfast together.

Before watching a movie together, I asked (or grilled, depending on who is telling the story!) my dad questions to get to know more about what fatherhood has been like for him: What would you say is your biggest accomplishment? What are the lessons you wanted to impart onto us? What did you want for us? Who did you want us to be? Question after question, I was struck by how simple his answers were. He wanted us to be educated. He wanted us to be able to support ourselves financially. He wanted us to enjoy our day to day lives. He wanted us to know that life will throw us curve balls so expect it and learn from it because it will happen over and over again! Such simple and yet wise responses.

This made me think about how much we complicate things in life. How many rules do you place on how you should be as an employee or a leader in your community? What projects are you overcomplicating at work? What inner dialogue are you having that is making it more difficult for you to let go of a conversation you had with someone last week?

This week’s mission is to simplify your life. Take a look at where you are placing unnecessary restrictions, where you have too many rules and guidelines or where you are spending too much time on something and cut them in half by 50%. Trust that you will not fall apart, and by contrast, you might actually experience the freedom you have been craving for, all before age 55!

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