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reaching_for_the_sky_by_laynafilth_300x225As leaders, change makers and big dreamers, do you ever wonder if you are really capable of pursuing your dreams? If you really have what it takes? Or perhaps most importantly, if you are worth it?

Last week I was asked to speak at an event called, In Celebration of You, by a dear friend and respected colleague, Diana YK Chan, Career Coach. I chose to create a guided visualization to answer these very questions and I have a sneaky suspicion that you could also benefit from hearing this message. So straight from my heart to yours, here is an excerpt:

Who are you in your magnificence?
What are you capable of when you step into it?
What is a dream you have right now,
That your heart is hungry for, that your soul is yearning for?

Feel yourself stepping into this dream and making it real.
Step into your magnificence.
Step into your true self.
Liberate yourself from your fears and celebrate your unique voice.

Decide now that it’s your time.
Today is the day that you reach for your dreams
The day you commit to being your unique and true self
The day you dare to create your own path

Trust yourself.
Feel into your heart.
Know that you have a special gift that only you can offer the world.
Know that you’ve got what it takes.

You matter.
You are worth it.
You deserve it.
You are enough.
The world is waiting for you.

What will you do?
What is possible for you?
What is the legacy you will leave?

Your mission this week: Decide. Consciously decide that you are going to take steps to create your dream life in your own unique way. Decide that you will let go of what has been stopping you and just go for it. It sounds so simple, and yet it is so powerful. Write it down, say it out loud in the mirror – do what you need to do to declare it! After all, YOU MATTER.

Bonus mission: Tell 5 close friends what your dream is and what the one step is that you will take to get closer to it. Social accountability is a powerful motivator, so leverage it to support you.

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