What do you and Jack in the Box have in common?

November-10-2013 0 comments

Jack in the boxThere is a concept called ‘being in the box’ and the impact is what you would imagine it feels like to be Jack in the Box when the lid is down – in the dark, not at all resourceful let alone providing any entertainment value!

When you are in the box, your impact is less than compelling, it usually takes double the time to get your point across and it often requires post-drama damage control. You feel frustrated, annoyed, misunderstood and unseen.

You know what I’m talking about right?

That place you go when someone cuts you off while you are driving, someone rejects your work or you just feel inadequate at a task?

While it is normal for this to happen to you, it is important to know how to get out of this place.

Here’s a really useful tip: re-experience a peak moment in your life. Allow your mind go back to this moment and experience it again. What was that moment? Who were you with? What was it that you accomplished? What strengths of yours did you pull on?

Simply re-visiting this place in your mind can bring you back to your powerful, creative and resourceful self, and yes – out of the box. Bonus? It takes no more than 5 minutes.

Mission: Everyone has his or her own triggers – so what’s yours? What puts you in the box? And most importantly, how do you get out? Spend this week finding your version of getting out of the box. Life will be a lot easier and you will have the impact you want.

Remember to leave a comment – what are your triggers and what gets you out?

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