You’re at an impasse. You’re seriously lacking focus. You’re stuck in a life that’s mediocre, and you know if you just had a little more clarity and purpose, you could be THAT much happier. (Pssst…you’re onto something.) You’ve got big dreams and personal goals on the backburner. You need someone to help you call out your blind spots and cut through the muck—to read between the lines. You want to reach for the stars, but you can’t do it alone. And really? You shouldn’t have to.

Think about it. Your favourite singer or star athlete? No matter how talented they are, they’ve got a coach in their corner to help them perform better and grow faster. If you want to reach your full potential and hone your gifts, so should you.

Coaching can help to speed up your personal growth and foster the self-confidence you need to take charge of your life. How? By providing you with some much-needed structure, guidance and accountability.

You’ll be encouraged to start looking in to get clear on what’s shakin’ in your outer universe. (That’s what we call minty-fresh perspective, baby.) I’ll give you some kick-butt insight to get your mental wheels turning. Then together, we’ll splish-splash in your options and nail down how you can achieve your goals in superstar fashion.

It’s all about gaining clarity on what you really want and getting you there by calling out the self-limiting thought patterns and behaviours that are holding you back. You’ll learn how to engage your own strengths, and start to make purposeful decisions that actually support your big picture.

Coaching is not the same thing as therapy, although this is a common misconception. Therapists are trained to work with people who are suffering from major mental illnesses and often focus on past factors and root causes. There is also a hierarchal relationship between therapist and patient.

Coaching is designed to help individuals achieve their personal goals—such as improving work-life balance, boosting your self-confidence, and infusing more joy and pleasure into your life. This is more of a peer relationship where we work together on a level playing field.

We certainly dig into your subconscious mind (where all the gremlins live) and figure out how these thoughts are influencing your conscious mind, but we focus on applying what you learn to the present and future. By bringing awareness, I motivate you to live purposefully and become the 10/10 version of yourself in the here and now.

Co-active coaching is a model that’s based on the underlying belief that YOU are the expert of your own life. That means you already have all the answers to the challenges you face and the power within you to create change. I’m here to help you uncover them.

My style of coaching is all about collaboration, discovery, awareness and choice—not handing you over the keys to success. (In other words: You’re the driver in our relationship, not the passenger.)

Sure, I’ll give you feedback, help you identify your blind spots and set goals, challenge you to think outside the box, and always be rooting for you in your corner. (You can also count on me to lend you the butt-kick you need when you need it most). But I’m not here to give you all the answers or pass judgment. And I’m most definitely not here to do the work for you.

I’ll provide loving support, keen insight, gentle guidance and all the accountability you need to achieve whatever you set your mind to. But it’s always up to you to decide what your game plan is and how much effort you’re willing to put in to get the results you want.

Bottom line: You may see some promising progress almost immediately, but those big and long-lasting transformations won’t happen overnight. You’ve got to be patient and put the work in. It all takes time. (And that’s how you know it’s worth it, right?)

I promise to:

  • Empower you when you need that loving push
  • Be your biggest cheerleader (and your kick in the pants)
  • Bring compassion and my undivided attention to every interaction
  • Hold you to your goals, even when the going gets tough (cause sometimes it will!)
  • Remind you of your essence when you feel lost
  • Be open, honest and transparent with you
  • Keep all your secrets under lock and key
  • Bring my A game to our relationship

To put it simply, I expect you to show up. If you aren’t committed and focused, I can’t do my job as a coach. I also expect you to bring your all to the table. That means doing your homework (or at least making every attempt to), playing full-out, taking responsibility for your life and the changes you want to make, and being open in your communication with me. So if you’re struggling, ready to pull your hair out, or just stuck with a capital S, we can talk about what kind of adjustments need to be made to get you out of your funk.

I’m so glad you asked! This is where all the magic happens. While our sessions will be hold-onto-your-hats powerful, those breaks in-between sessions give you the time and space you need to implement everything you’ve learned. And THIS is when you’ll start to see those results you’re after.

Don’t see your question in the list above? Then hit me up and I’ll be sure to give you the quickfire A to your Q.