Two simple questions to ask to squash overwhelm

October-27-2013 6 comments

Conscious Choice

When there are a million things to do and you feel like the Road Runner cartoon character – feet spinning, barely touching the ground and all you can do is yell “Beep beep” – what do you do? What is the one thing that will bring back your sanity?

The answer lies in a simple yet profound coaching concept: making conscious choices.

See, frustration and overwhelm come when you feel out of control, like you have no choice in what you are doing and as if you are just running from one activity to another without a minute to rest (let alone cook a decent meal for yourself!).

When you feel like this, stop and consciously think about what you are choosing. Whether it is a project you are about to take on, or simply deciding to accept an invitation for dinner, ask yourself these two questions:

1.What am I saying ‘yes’ to, and
2.What am I saying ‘no’ to

Every time you engage in an activity, there will be things you say yes to and things you say no to.  It is your job to shine the light on these and decide if you are okay with it.  If not, course correct.

Here’s an example from my life: By saying no to running an additional workshop in November, I am saying yes to spending quality time with my family and loved ones and to running the workshop next year when I can give it the right amount of time and attention it deserves.

And just like that, I let out a big sigh of relief!

This week’s mission:  Take a look at your calendar for this upcoming week.  For each item, ask yourself: if I choose this, what am I saying yes to and what am I saying no to?  If you are happy with the outcome of your choice, keep it on the list.  If not, postpone, delegate or dump it – and welcome yourself back to the driver’s seat of your life.

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  1. Maggie Reply

    Extremely wise…I love it. Thank you for the well timed tip :-)

    1. Seema Post authorReply

      You are welcome Maggie! So happy the timing is right for you!

  2. Bella Reply

    You hit the nail on the head! This is something I struggle with. I tend to over-do, over-commit and aim for perfection. :P I’m getting comfortable with saying no and just as importantly, I am starting to learn to let go of trying to control what gets done and when.

    PS Love the new website! Congrats! :)

    1. Seema Post authorReply

      Hey Bella! It is so good that you are aware of your tendency to over commit – this awareness is the first step to creating change! Here’s another perspective for you – by saying no, you ARE in control!

  3. annawithlove Reply

    Bow down to Seema, you are a timing Wizard speaking my language.
    Perfect practice!

    1. Seema Post authorReply

      Thanks Anna! And practice builds this muscle!

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