Shall we start an Unbusy Movement?

April-05-2017 0 comments

In the last 48 hours, I’ve had 4 conversations about this crazy addiction our society has to being ‘busy’…and how we’re kinda done with it.

Somehow ‘busy’ has made it’s way into our lives as the cool thing to say. The way of being that defines our worthiness. The phrase that buys us empathy and attention. We whip it out faster than our iPhone…and then wonder why we are so stressed and overwhelmed. And in a funny way, we get a hit of….a sense of belonging?!
Yeah I get it…I’ve done it…and I think it’s overrated. Outdated. And I’m whole heartedly moving on.

Time to create an ‘unbusy’ movement.

I’ve been talking about Flow for the past few years…and I’m adding ease and ‘unbusy’ to the mix. I no longer need ‘busy’ to feel worthy or successful or whole.

A talented, successful author and friend of mine said the most beautiful, unapologetic, honest and matter-of-fact phrase I’ve heard in a while that spoke to my heart and soul:
“I work 5 hours a week…because I like it that way.”.

(Pick up your jaw, keep reading) :)

Her authenticity and lack of embarrassment blew me away.

And inspired me to own something that’s been here for a few years now.

I’m breaking up with busy – for good.

The word is leaving my vocabulary – and perhaps you can start there too??


Dear busy letter

Who’s with me?

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