A lesson from NKOTB

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journeyWhat time is it Mr. Wolf? It’s truth-telling time!

Fact #1: I write my weekly soliloquies to poke you, provoke you, offer you some inspiration, and provide you with mini bite-size missions so that you can create a shift in your life…at least that’s what my intention is and what my welcome email promised you!

So, how are you doing so far? What kind of shifts have you noticed in your life, big or small? Do you make more conscious choices? Do you schedule ‘me time’? Have you discovered your ‘why’ in life is so that you feel more alive and less like a walking zombie (yes, these are all themes I have written about!)?

Fact #2: If you really want to change the direction in your life, you need to take action. Think of yourself as a ship standing still in the ocean. The only way to change direction is start moving. It actually doesn’t even matter in which direction – once there is movement, you can adjust your course as needed – a lesson I am learning over and over again!

My desire for you is to discover that you have the power to shift your mindset from ‘wanting’ your desires to ‘manifesting’ them. My wish for you is to act on the missions I write weekly so that one day, you wake up and say, “Lately I feel so fulfilled! The circumstances in my life haven’t necessarily changed, but I feel so much more alive!” – or some variation of that.

Just like NKOTB said, change happens….step by step…oooo baby!!!

Your mission this week: Set sail and start moving! Get off the “I don’t know train” and just do it. Make that call, have that conversation, buy that new organizing tool or listen to that audio book. Let this blog be more than mindful reading. Let it be mindful transformation.

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