Cheese, Change and Choice

October-02-2013 0 comments

Chedder, Mozerella or Brie?

What’s your favorite type of cheese? Mine is Chedder. And while that is a random thing to start a post with, it is the best link I could find to bring up one of the best business and personal growth books I have ever read about change: Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr. Spencer Johnson.

Change is inevitable and change is everywhere. Whether it is intentional or unintentional, how do you deal with change? Do you dread it like you dread tax season or do you run towards it, embracing it like a friend you haven’t seen in years?

I know for myself, I tend to embrace change, but that wasn’t always the case. What really helped me and what I often help my clients with, is to realize that you always have a choice. You have a choice to take on a new project. It is your choice to log onto your emails in your personal time. It is also your choice, believe it or not, to accept the outcome of an appraisal review your boss just gave you. You my friend, are more in charge of your life than you think.

Here is what will help you step into your power and actually feel like you are at choice: with each decision you make, ask yourself, what are you saying yes to and what are you saying no to? For me, saying yes to writing a message that I feel will be really meaningful for you means I am saying no tonight to sending it at the same time I usually do! Just by being more conscious of that makes me feel less like a victim and more like the driver of my life.

Your mission this week: Be more conscious about your decisions. By asking yourself what you are saying yes to and what you are saying no to, you get to decide if you really want to go ahead with the project, event or life decision.

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