Hoarding in the 21st Century

October-02-2013 0 comments

istock_pile_of_books1What’s new? What’s next? What shall I download, subscribe to or buy now?

Have you ever caught yourself in this cycle of online behavior?

Welcome to modern day hoarding. Hoarding: accumulating items beyond the point of usefulness. Instead of filling up our basements and offices with unread books, gadgets and thing-a-ma-jigs, we fill up our inboxes with subscriptions, digital books and mp3 files, 80% of them never to be read or listened to.


In order to create change in your life, you have to actually do something. You can download all the time-management, meditation and self-help tools you want, but unless you take the time to read, work through and take action from them, change will be just an illusion. Your dreams are worth being more than an illusion.

What are you hungry to change in your life right now? When you look at what you download or subscribe to, what is the common theme? Chances are, this is the area in your life you want to create a shift in.

Stop researching. Stop collecting. Start doing.

Your mission this week: Go through your subscriptions, your online products and your actual books and commit to one of them. Pick the one that is really calling to you, the one that you feel energized to read or do, the one that makes you say ohh-la-la!! Then commit 1 hour a day this week to work with it.

Bonus mission: Liberate yourself! Do a digital purge! Go through your subscriptions and UNSUBSCRIBE! If you have never read them, they are taking up unnecessary metal…and mental space. Control, alt delete.

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