What do pancakes have to do with building your Hall of Fame?

October-02-2013 0 comments

Do you want to be sitting in the hall of fame?

I do. Not in an ego sort of way, but in the ‘I am burning as bright as I can and people see me because of it’ sort of way. Why? Put simply, it gives my life meaning and purpose. At the end of the day, don’t we all want to leave some sort of a legacy?

I realized this on my drive back home from an amazing girls weekend away, as we blasted Hall of Fame by The Script and belted the lyrics, each of us fantasizing about our very own (or at least I was!).

What is it that YOU want to be known for? What’s your art? Your craft? If you had your own hall of fame, what would you want to showcase? Are you a foodie who makes THE best pancakes known to mankind? Do you strum a mean E chord on your guitar? Do you have a gift for pairing jewelry with an outfit? Whatever it is, it is time you own it and showcase it.

This week’s mission is to do just that. Get out there and highlight your art. Tell your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues and anyone else who will listen!

You have a gift that you bring to this world and it is about time that we all see it.

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