What does Rocky Balboa have to do with finding your tribe?

October-02-2013 0 comments

Who is your tribe? You know, your homies. your peeps, your compadres. The ones you know you can count on and who you share a common purpose with. And what makes it so important to stay connected with them?

In his book Tribes, Seth Godin talks about the power of community and the amazing things you can do when you are connected and supported by a group of like-minded people. You know what I am talking about right? It’s that feeling you get that takes over your whole body…you feel confident, capable, powerful, supported, loved, driven, motivated…like Rocky Balboa after winning back the title from Clubber Lang! When people believe in you, you can accomplish anything. And YOU my friend deserve to accomplish everything your heart desires.

This week, find your tribe and connect with them. Maybe this is your family or a group of friends you haven’t seen in a while. Maybe this is a Facebook group you haven’t been active on for a while. Or maybe it’s a group of colleagues you have just been too busy to meet with lately. Nourish them and let them nourish you. You are meant to do amazing things in this world.

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