What makes you tick?

October-02-2013 0 comments

What makes you tick?

It’s a tough question and yet the answer is so rich, like a compass pointing you clearly in the right direction.

The best way to find out? Ask:

“What am I living for?”
“What gets my mojo going?”
“What makes time stand still?”
“What do I become so absorbed in that I don’t even hear my iPhone ding?”

It’s not the paycheck that makes you tick. Yes you need money, but is that really why you’re alive? It’s not material stuff that should be the focus of your desire (not that there’s anything wrong with material stuff). It goes deeper into the very essence of Who You Are and Why You Are Here.

Does it make you uncomfortable to ask these questions? GOOD! These probing questions create resistance if what you’re currently doing isn’t aligned with your deepest desires and your Why.

It takes courage to admit that you might be on the wrong train, having chosen a career because you rationalized it or because of family pressures (when you really wanted to be something completely different). But the cool thing is, the train has many different stations. You are here, now. You can get off and get on a different train, anytime you want.

You will have this discussion with yourself at some point. That’s what the midlife crisis is all about! “Is this IT?”

Don’t wait for a midlife crisis! Resolve it now! Spend some time asking yourself these questions and don’t be satisfied until the answer comes from the heart.

Seema Sodha

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