1 simple way to get your “life is good” feeling

October-02-2013 0 comments

On a beautiful Sunday in Toronto, where proof that spring has sprung is all around, it feels so natural for our minds to focus on all the good things in life. It so much easier for me to bring to mind memories of the week that made me laugh vs. those that frustrated me.

What is this mystical power that the sun seems to have on us? Do we have the ability to create this feeling even when the sun is hiding in the clouds? And once we figure this out, can we bottle it up in a virtual saltshaker, ready to add some flavor to our days at any given moment?

The short answer is yes. We all have the ability to shift our internal environment by changing our thoughts. A great way to do this is to change your body posture (or your geography, as we say in coaching). On a day like today, think about what your body posture is like when you want to soak up some sun. Are you standing with your shoulders back, head slightly tilted to the side with a small smile on your face? Are you comfortably leaning back in a chair, eyes closed, with your head resting on the back of it? Or are you walking down the street with a smile on your face and a spring in your step? What is your ‘Life is Gooooood’ body posture? Step into it now.

This week, when you are feeling frustrated or a little like you are in the clouds, step into this body posture and notice what shifts in you. What are your thoughts focused on now?

Enjoy this week and remember that you have this tool within you whenever you want it!

Seema Sodha

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