The secret to getting closer to your dream life

October-02-2013 0 comments

Like it or not, you create your reality.

I was sitting in Starbucks today stuck on what to write about for today’s soliloquy, when in perfect timing (‘cuz that’s just how this awesome universe works!) my cousin sends me a quote in our ongoing ‘Inspiration’ chat:

“The difference between who you ARE and who you want to BE is what you DO.”

There it was again. A reminder that we are not victims of our circumstances. We are masters of our own creation.

So what are you doing to get closer to who you want to be? What choices are you making that are supporting your vision for your life?

It’s okay to fall off the wagon once in a while. After all, this is life – not a Walt Disney movie! But once you have done that, it’s up to you to pick yourself back up again. I know you can. I also know that somewhere in your heart, you want more for yourself. What is that for you?

Me? I’m choosing not to order a coffee and keep up my caffeine free streak (3 months and counting! Woohoo!) because I feel soooo good knowing I no longer need it!

This week’s mission: Take one step. Take one step that moves you closer to who you want to BE. Maybe it’s just deciding that you are going to do something. Maybe it’s making that jump and applying for that scary new project or role. Maybe it’s making a schedule so that you can fit in ‘me time’. Maybe it’s hiring a coach. Just saying.

Change happens one baby step at a time, and: The difference between who you ARE and who you want to BE is what you DO.

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