Find out how your life can be a long weekend!

October-02-2013 0 comments

just_relax_87295It’s a long weekend in Canada (well, most of Canada anyway)! Bring out the drinks, the pool snacks and the bug spray if you are at the cottage! It is time to relax and enjoy quality time with friends and family.

It’s times like this that I wonder: Why does it take a long weekend for us to shut down our computers, take a break from social media and connect back in with ourselves, our friends and our families?

I am blown away by how often weeknights are filled with crossing off one more line item or reading one more email so that the next day we can feel slightly better that we accomplished something. When did being productive replace being with people?

Raise your hand if you know what I am talking about!

Don’t get me wrong. I am also someone who is driven and passionate about the work I do and my career is an important part of my identity – but it shouldn’t replace my entire identity – or yours.

Abraham Maslow said it more than 60 years ago: humans need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance among their social groups in order to live a fulfilling and happy life. I would argue that this goes beyond connecting online! Nothing beats being in fits of laughter with your friends so much that you can see tears running down each other’s faces!

Your mission this week: Shut it down. Stop filling your evenings with work. Go for a walk with your partner. Have dinner with a friend. Make an effort to meet your new neighbour who moved in months ago. I guarantee it will fill you up more than working on another spreadsheet will!

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