3 tips to silence your inner critics and get on with your dreams

October-02-2013 0 comments

Knocking down hurdlesDo you ever feel like you are being attacked by your inner voices? Like you are in a battle with no protection? Or a victim in the latest episode of The Walking Dead?

If so, you are not alone.

Today’s message was inspired by what happened to me this week. All of a sudden, there they were. A whole army of saboteurs (that’s what we call these inner voices in coaching) screaming all kinds of negative things: “You are not good in …”, “You will make a fool out of yourself if you do that”, “Who do you think you are to go in this direction” and so on. It took me hours to notice that they had taken over and finally with the help of a dear friend and coach, I managed to beat this army!

Next time you feel attacked by your inner voices, remember these 3 tips:

1. Notice them – simply becoming aware of them can be enough to send them scattering away, just like shining a light on cockroaches does!
2. Get to know them – they are part of your fellowship and at some point in your life, they were there to protect you. Love and appreciate them for what they are trying to alert you to. What is their message for you?
3. Expect them – any time you want to create a change in your life or get out of your comfort zone, they will appear. Be prepared for this and know that you are ALWAYS stronger than them!

Your mission this week: Choose one of your goals you want to achieve and consider how your journey towards this goal is thwarted by inner voices. How many are there? What are the stories they tell you? What could you say to yourself instead?

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Seema Sodha

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