How do you stop feeling like you will never quite ‘get’ there?

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Pause_and_notice_the_featherMake that goal. Start that new project. Take that new class. Change that habit. Rinse and repeat.

In a world where we are always wanting to have, do or be more, life can feel like a high speed train on it’s way to who knows where! What’s worse, while we are completing all these tasks on our to do list, we can be pretty hard and down on ourselves about how things played out – “I could have said this” or “I should have said that”.

You know what I mean? Do you ever catch yourself in the coulda, shoulda and woulda’s in life?

Well, today I invite you to insert a pause in that thought pattern.


When was the last time you pat yourself on the back for what you HAVE done and for who you ARE today?


If you are like most, you can’t even think of the last time! Tsk tsk.

You deserve to acknowledge yourself. You deserve to appreciate yourself. In a society that relies on others to determine our self worth, I say you flip the switch and start giving yourself your own ‘well done’ stickers! Who else but you has a better view of all the awesome things you have already accomplished?! As if this wasn’t enough, this is also the best way to get off that high speed train you are on and finally feel like you can breath again. Remember what that felt like?

Today I watched Steven Pressfield, author of The Art of War, on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. He shared his views on how to overcome the obstacles to ambition so that we can achieve our greatest success. One of his brilliant concepts is to ask yourself each night “Did I overcome resistance today?”.

There’s that pause again.

There are so many fires you are fighting on a daily basis, be it in relationships, in health or even in traffic!! The key is to pause, reflect and acknowledge them.

Why? Because you are worth taking the scenic route and appreciating all the beauty that you bring to the world.

Your mission this week: Insert a pause in the chaos before you go to bed each night by asking yourself, did you overcome resistance today? And then celebrate your ‘yes’ and give yourself a gold star! What have you got to lose?

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