How to add fun back into your life

November-04-2013 2 comments

Big group of young jumping people.How would you define ‘having fun’ in your life? Is it going to drop-in improv class (that’s the winner for me!)? Playing silly board games with your friends? Belting it out at a karaoke bar like you OWN the stage at the Air Canada Center?

Whatever your version is, I’m willing to bet you could sprinkle a little more into your day.

Raise your hand if when your schedule gets busy and when projects pile on, the first things to go are the non-work related activities in your life. Keep it raised if your inner dialogue goes something like this: “Yoga? I don’t have an hour to spare. Voice lessons? I haven’t had time to practice. Dinner with my girlfriends? I’m barely making lunch happen!”

Meet your compromised life. Ouch.

Question: how is this way of living working for you?

Next question: What would be possible for you if you added more qualities of fun into your career? Your relationships? How much more tapped in would you be with your natural creativity and resourcefulness?

I am betting a lot.

So starting today, take a stand for fitting life into your fun vs. trying to squeeze fun into your life. While it may seem foreign at first, this challenge is designed to shake things up so that you can start living your dream life – today.

You deserve to have it. You deserve to live an uncompromised life. Don’t miss the game or the symphony that is playing right now while you are moving towards your bigger goals.

Final note: be as outrageous as you can with this activity. The more you stretch your current pattern of thinking, the more new neural pathways you create. The more new pathways you create, the more chances you have of creating change that lasts.

This week’s mission: Create an ‘ideal’ week for yourself. START by putting in all the nourishing, relaxing and fun activities you want to do (for this part of the mission, leave your ‘practical’ side at the door). THEN add in work and your ‘should-do’s’. Finally, commit to living by this schedule this week and notice the impact it has on your life and your relationships.

Bonus mission: Share this schedule with your social network. Public accountability does wonders for our follow through factor!

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  1. Janine Reply

    This was so timely, girl! I was getting so zonked recently that I made a conscious decision to clear out my schedule a bit instead of over-booking, I’m getting back into a regular workout routine and taking more time for ME every day. :) I like being on my own priority list.

    1. Seema Post authorReply

      That’s great Janine! You deserve to be at the top of your list and the more you can make this the rule vs the exception, the more fulfilled you will be! ps. as an added bonus, your happiness will ooze out onto others and in your work!

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