Why You Need To Redefine Success

April-01-2014 0 comments

Blog Image #5 (Biz Makeover)The other day after a deliciously indulgent massage, I was feeling open…relaxed…maybe even a little more free-spirited than usual.

I made my usual pit stop at Starbucks afterwards, and while I was there, I offered to teach a total stranger how to say something to her friend in Spanish. Small gesture on my part, tons of gratitude on hers! And it felt surprisingly reenergizing too.

It got me thinking about how so many of us thrive off the pursuit of success, but too often forget that being truly successful is so much more than…

Snagging that dream project or client.

Our crazy, around-the-clock work hours.

Giving our smartphones and laptops our undivided attention.

Or even getting a pat on the back from our higher-ups.

Whether it’s sharing a smile with a stranger on the street or a short chat with the barista at the coffee shop, these moments of unexpected connection, kindness and generosity remind us that there’s more to life than getting from Point A to Point B.

By constantly striving to reach this place where we feel like we’ve “made it”, all we’re really doing is losing our connection to what truly matters.

We’re forgetting that life is supposed to be a transformative adventure, where our passions come out to play, our minds find peace and our souls stir with wonder.

If you were being honest with yourself, how often would you say you actually unplug from your work day to plug INto what’s going on around you?

Do you ever slow down enough to connect with others outside of those “necessary” interactions? 

When you ask someone: “Hi, how are you?”, are you really interested in their response…or is it simply a matter of habit? 

Too many of us miss out on these fleeting moments of fulfillment because we’re too focused on our next step.

We let meaningful conversations pass us by. We let real connections escape us.

But here’s what I know: When you open up to those around you, life feels fuller and richer. When you slow down to connect with others, you’re able to connect with a part of yourself that most likely gets little air time.

New insights bubble up. Your creativity ignites. And the challenges that seemed so urgent a few moments ago…fade away.

This week’s mission: Make room for 10 minutes of quiet time at the end of each day this week. Review your day as if you’re watching a movie. Notice – when did you feel that electric charge of vitality? When did you truly tune into your passions? What were you doing when you felt yourself in flow? What thoughts were skipping through your mind?

Jot these answers down, because they’ll reveal whether you’re living a life that’s truly in alignment with your passions and values. The more you pour these moments, activities and thoughts into your life, the more fulfilled you’ll feel. And that’s because you’ll be living with purpose.

I’m curious to know, what did you discover?  What are these moments where you feel alive and what would your life look like if you infused more of them into your day?  Leave a comment below!

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