Mornings and Motorcycles – oh my!

August-04-2015 0 comments

So this morning I went to Ikea…on a motorcycle!! And although that’s a whole story in itself, what amazed me was how I was ‘resisting’ the ride in the beginning!

Although I totally trust my fiancée’s driving, I felt nervous, tense and yes, a little scared! With each turn, I could feel my shoulders tighten. Each time the traffic light turned green, he accelerated and I silently prayed for him to slow down!

And then it hit me. What if I just stopped resisting? What if I leaned into the ride and actually allowed myself to enjoy the experience?

So I dropped my shoulders (which by this time were so tight that they were practically touching my ears!) and settled into my seat.

As I did, I felt a wave of relaxation come across me, my jaws relaxed and a slight smile settled on my lips. I noticed the trees and the cows (yes! I said cows!) and felt the wind on my face. I took in the sights around me and all the mental chatter completely drained out of my mind as if someone pulled the plug from my mental sink.

The whole ride was a COMPLETELY different experience. Not to mention that with this clear mind, I could allow thoughts like, ‘Damn this is so cool! I am on the back of my fiancee’s motorcycle!’ to wash over me!

Now THOSE kinds of thoughts are more fulfilling, wouldn’t you say?

So – that brings me to you.

How are you enjoying the ride of your life? Are you resisting it? Putting up mental blocks? Or are you leaning into the experience, no matter what it is?

If you are not sure, check out the messages that your body is constantly giving you (thank god for those signs!).

For me, I get tense shoulders and a tight jaw. What are your signs? What are they telling you?

If you ARE resisting, what if you just allowed yourself to settle INTO your experience? Kind of like me, leaning into the ride and letting myself be ‘pulled’ vs pushing against what was happening anyway?!

Because the fact is, life is happening right now. You are in that job, you are raising that family, you are starting up that business, you are creating that project and you are dating that new person.

These experiences are happening anyway – but YOU get to choose how you want to be with them. In flow? Or in resistance?

You truly are the creator of your own experiences, so this week, choose to sink in. Choose to let go.


Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow!

Besides, if you don’t like it, you can always pick up your resistance again next week. Wink wink.

Oh and while you are at it, let me know how you have experienced the difference between this ‘push’ and ‘pull’ phenomenon! What are your ‘motorcycle ride’ experiences?!

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