Manifesting your dreams is like making pizza

November-17-2013 0 comments

Blog Image #8 (Manifesting Dreams)Make your vision board – check. Write down specific goals – check. Replace doubts and cynicism with positive and often cheesy affirmations – check.

So why is it that you haven’t crossed off all the items on your manifesting list?! What’s a woman to do when you have followed everything that the manifesting gurus preach and still, you’ve got nothing – nada, zip, zilch?!

What I am about to share with you has been one of the key factors in my own manifesting successes and it has to do with taking a close look at how much fuel you are really putting into the fire that cooks your desired outcomes.

Imagine this: you decide to throw a pizza party for your friends and you are stoked to use the new wood-fired pizza oven you bought. You buy the best of best ingredients, put your love into making the dough, proudly build the fire and guess what – your first batch of personal pizzas are a hit! As the night goes on, you continue to be the host and the chef, putting in one pizza after the next into the oven. But something is not right. After an hour (it’s a large party!), you start to notice that the pizzas are no longer coming out crispy and decadent like the first few batches. Instead, they are soggy, uncooked and far from what you desired.

Oops. You got distracted and forgot to keep the fire burning.

Same thing happens with your dreams. Once you make your vision board, dream list or desire map, how often do you re-visit it? How much fire, passion and excitement do you put into it on a daily or even weekly basis? If you simply make your list, walk away and forget to keep the fire burning, your outcomes will be soggy, uncooked and far from the results you wanted.

This week’s mission: Create a structure to get that first burning again! Is it putting a particular image on your wallpaper? Scheduling a weekly get together with your friends to share your desired outcomes? Sitting with your vision board every night before going to bed and imagining it all happening? You decide what works best for you. You CAN manifest your dream reality. If I can, you can!

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