If you were an insect in the Amazon, would you survive?

October-27-2013 0 comments

AmazonYou know that thing about stepping outside your comfort zone and how doing it is supposed to really transform you? Well I can tell you – this week, I transformed…in unimaginable ways! 

The challenge: As a woman who is terrified of insects, I decided to do a 4 day trek in the Amazon in Ecuador.

The outcome: Three tarantulas, one boa constrictor, a handful of bullet ants, a river full of piranhas, a swarm of hair-pulling bees and countless other reptiles, insects and amphibians later – I have come out of the jungle with a deep appreciation and sense of respect for all that nature has to offer us.  If this is not transformation, I don’t know what is!

Here is the thing I found fascinating.  I assumed that I would come out being more comfortable with insects, but the surprise outcome was around what these creatures taught me about transformation.

I saw frogs that looked like leaves, scorpions that looked like the white tree trunk it inhabited and so many other creatures that had adapted to their surroundings over the years – survival of the fittest in it’s truest sense!

It made me think, how well do I adapt and evolve with my environment?

How about you? When things in your life start to shift, do you stay on your course and refuse to let go of ‘the way things are’ or do you willingly jump in knowing that change is a natural part of our evolution?

I can tell you this – change is not only natural, it is necessary in order for you to survive.

This week’s mission: Find an area in your life where you are resisting change, and imagine what it would look like if you just went with the flow. How could you adapt? What would you let go of?  What new skill would you master? If survival was the only option, what would you do differently?

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