If We Were Playing Monopoly, I Just Passed Go

November-16-2014 0 comments

monopoly go“You’re life is like a holiday.”  

That’s what my girlfriend said when she came to visit me.  And do you know what the first feeling I had was?

Guilt.  Not elation. Not empowerment.  Greasy ol’ guilt.

How’s that for being a party pooper?

Can you think of a time when you should have been sipping on a martini and partying like a rock star  – but then your inner Debbie Downer whispered some version of this in your ear: “You’re not supposed to have it this easy.”?

Well this was one of those moments for me…and in the words of Jimmy Fallon – EW (’cause I just can’t get enough of these videos)!

Maybe it was an Upper Limit problem (more on that another time) or maybe it was completely normal.

Either way, a part of me wanted to scream “Yes – but I have no time for…and last week I wasn’t able to…and my to-do list is getting longer as we speak!”

Because isn’t that how society has trained us?

To believe that real worth comes from endless hours on your laptop, sleepless nights and filling every waking moment with ‘must do’s’ instead of ‘want-to-do’s?

And that ease and flow are reserved for vacation, weekends and retirement.

Well it’s time to replace those dream-life -extinguishing beliefs with ones that support a 5-star life.  Because…

Ease, joy and flow CAN exist on a daily basis.

When I poked my girlfriend for why she thought my life was like a holiday, her response was, “Because you do everything you WANT to do.”

I thought about it.  And for the most part, it’s true.  Sure I have bills to pay, errands to run, and an income to whip up.  But for the most part, my hours are filled with things I love to do.

But here’s the secret.   I didn’t get here by accident.   I consciously created this lifestyle.

Your dream life doesn’t come knocking at your door.  You’ve gotta make that happen. 

I can’t stress how much of my journey has been about doing my inner work.  Exploring what my life purpose is, finding out what my passions are, taking this assessment or that course to find out what makes my heart pound.  And then, taking risks and steps to create a life from what I discover.

I am on a never-ending quest to find out what I am on earth to do and keep doing it.

And this is what I want for you.  To do your inner work.  And then create a life that is aligned with what you discover.

Because when you do this:

  • Things fall into place. 
  • Resistance goes away
  • You start to manifest things. 
  • You attract more ease and flow into your life
  • Opportunities show up. 
  • Your days fill up with ‘want to’s’. 

And then – life is like a holiday.

Don’t you want that?


Do your inner work.  Crack open those self-help books.  Sign up for that personal development course.  Hire a coach (could even be me!).  Go discover your strengths.

Just get started.

And if you want some intuitive guidance on your life’s purpose – your soul’s mission – that’s totally up my ally too and I’d LOVE to help.  That’s part of MY mission.

Hop on over here and let’s get you some cosmic answers!  Let’s get you on the right path before the year’s over.


And while your dreaming up your ultimate reality, I’d love to know what a dream life looks like for you! What would you put in that alternate reality that would make you scream, “YES!” like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally.  

Inspire us by leaving a note below with the ONE thing that’s gotta make it on your list of ‘want to’s’ !

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