How to trust the Manifesting Process

August-24-2018 0 comments

Let me ask you a question. 

When you book a trip to Bali for your end-of-year vacation, do you:

  • Doubt that you’re going to go? 
  • Question if the airline is going to cancel your trip at the last minute? 
  • Wait until you get email after email after email of confirmations to let you know that the airplane WILL take off as planned and you WILL be going on this trip? 

Nope, nope and nope. 

If you’re like me, you simply trust and expect it to happen. Why wouldn’t it? But again, you don’t go there. 

Instead, you assume it will and get on with making sure your passport is up to date, that your gadgets, ebooks and audio books are in order and for the ladies, wax everything that needs to be waxed. ?

You might even gloat about it to anyone who will listen. “I’m off to exotic Bali for 10 days! Na na na boo boo!”

Now think about your current dreams and desires. 

Similar mindset and positive expectation? Probably not. Especially if it matters to you, if the stakes are high or if you’ve been ‘wanting’ it for a while. 

We know, because we’ve been there.  You’re not alone.  And luckily you’re also not doomed.  Trusting that you can manifest your big dreams can come easily.Often all you need is a powerful question to get you back in flow and feeling the same kind of “it’s happening” trust you have like your trip to Bali (or your appointment to the dentist).

What’s that question you ask? We’ve got your back. 

Instead of asking: 
“What if it doesn’t work out?”

Which will only spiral you down into a cellar filled with old stories and cobwebs of doubt, and rummaging through these will only re-inforce all the things that could get in the way (which is sometimes worth digging into but not today)… 


“What if it DOES work out?”

Now that’s a more powerful and trust-inducing question. It will take you into a juicy room filled with possibility, creativity, expansion and trust. Oh, and possibly unicorns.

And because we know how busy you can get and over-everything life can be, we created the image below as a structure for you. 

Download it and make it your screen saver today. Things worth having can come easy and today is your day to make that your truth. 


Alright flow crusader, let it flow! 

Download the image below now, make it your phone screensaver and every time you see it, imagine: what if it DID work out?

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