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I was flipping through E-Squared by Pam Grout, reading some notes in my journal, and creating my new program Tap into Flow when joy started bubbling up inside of me.

Ever get that feeling, like you’re a balloon filling up with air, almost to the point of bursting?

I don’t know if it was the thrill of curating content for my new group coaching program, reading about how our energy creates possibilities, the fact that I get to buy freshly made poffertjes (think mini fluffy pancakes sprinkled with icing sugar) at the market every Friday because I live in the Netherlands, or my enthusiasm around helping others find the path of least resistance to their desires.

What I DO know is I felt powerful. Confident. Grateful.  Inspired. And brimming with so much joy that I HAD to let it spill out.

And that’s what led me to post this on FB. (By the way, are you a part of my FB community yet? If not, click here and join 1500+ other peeps who are sharing inspiration and practical tips for making the daily grind more soul-filling.)

ssIn less than 2 hours, 7 curious people signed up. And when I woke up in the morning, I saw that all 10 spots had been eagerly snapped up.

If you know me and how excited I can get, I’m sure you can imagine the squeals and fist pumps that came out of me when I saw the notifications popping up in my inbox.

But this is what surprised me the most: As satisfying as it was to make bank on a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-soul offer, that was never my core intention. I was creating, coaching, and contributing something of value in the moment. Simply because it felt good.

When I posted the flash sale, I wasn’t thinking: “Will I fill all my spots? Will I rack up a good chunk of change? Should I run some Facebook ads to promote it? Is the copy with the offer compelling enough? Is my call to action polished to perfection?”

I wasn’t think about money, conversions, strategy or marketing. I didn’t sit on it for days or get anyone’s opinion about it. I didn’t tweak it a million times before posting it. I didn’t figure out some really advanced technical setup for my offer or get a professionally designed landing page. I didn’t think about the “what’s next?” part. I just did it, Seema Style, and acted from a place of inspiration. Because it was fun.

And when you have fun in business, you create more freedom. That positive energy you put out attracts positive energy back. The clients and money start flowing in effortlessly, because you get out of your own way and stop over-complicating the rest.


Putting a message out there about my services and offering insane discounts, ‘cause I felt like it, beats any marketing plan or sales strategy you could give me.

And in fact, because of this experience, I created a new business plan, marketing plan and sales plan.  And I wanna share it with you today.

Ready? It’s 2 whole steps.

Step 1_(2)

That’s it. It’s simple. It works. And it doesn’t require pages and pages of notes or any Excel spreadsheets. Because sometimes, when we do less, we receive more.

All YOU gotta do is focus on getting into that place of inspiration. The place where you’re completely detached from the outcome and not waiting on perfection, so you can throw ideas around like spaghetti on the wall. And then sit back, smile, and see what happens.

By the way, that new program I mentioned I was working on? This is one of the soul-shifting exercises we’ll cover. Ways you can get into that inspired place (or what I call the flow state) on demand.

Because it’s not about waiting for inspiration to strike like lightning. It’s about creating the perfect storm for it to happen, naturally…and then letting the magic happen.



Now that you’ve heard the magic that’s unfolded for me when I’m in that joy state, I wanna hear from you. What opportunities have you created for yourself when you’ve acted from that place of can’t-contain-it excitement?

Let me know by leaving a comment below and let’s all inspire each other!

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