Go For Feeling Good, Not ‘Right’

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b88f0133-b067-43a3-9dd6-d23756e2290bDo what makes you feel good.

Whether it’s Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer or Abraham Hicks, the messages I keep reading throughout the spirituality literature is to spend your time and energy on doing the things that make you feel good – or dare I say, amazing.

NEVER have I read that you should spend your waking hours looking for approval from those around you on your next blog idea, parenting skills or e-book concept.

And that’s because it’s not about them. It’s all about YOU.

If your only task today were to do the things that make you feel good, alive and absolutely joyous, what would you do?

I know what I would do.

I would: have a lazy morning, drink coffee, do a load of laundry (not because I need to, but because I love how fresh linens smell), scan Pinterest for dessert recipes, because pictures of strawberry shortcakes are so damn pleasing to the eye! I would sit for a few hours in the sun and read a few pages of 3 different books – because it’s not about being ‘productive’ but about following my urges!

AND, I would write a blog that is selfish in nature because it helps ME lock in what I am learning these days, and happens to have the side effect of being something you could be interested in as well. But notice who came first (wink).

You need to be selfish.

I’ve always been a fan of that word, but so many people paint it as a negative one. As if it means to be heartless or cold. But that’s not what I mean when I say to be selfish.

Here’s my definition.

Because guess what?

When you fill yourself up first, put ‘feeling good’ ahead of to-do lists and treat yourself like the 10 star woman that you are (and that includes how you ‘talk’ to yourself), you FEEL amazing!

And when you FEEL amazing, something inside you shifts and you start to attract more amazing experiences. And once you build momentum, there’s no stopping you.

In the end, you feel GOOD. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s all that matters.

“Shift the way you feel and watch what happens. If you can rid yourself of worry, you will rid yourself of things to worry about. It is really that simple.” – Abraham Hicks

So, as Queen of your life, what’s the order for the day? What will you indulge in today – whether it’s for a minute or an hour.

By the way, I love hearing from and connecting with my readers – YOU. So come one, leave a comment below and let me know what you do to feel good!

Sending love, light and good feelings your way!

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