It's circle time.

Awakening to who you are at a soul level so you can find clarity, strength and alignment with your life experiences

Are you a coach, heart-centred leader or exhausted nurturer longing for real connection and an intentional community to grow spiritually?

Imagine being held in a safe and respectful space - one that is filled with compassion, so that you can drop the masks (and the energy it takes to hold them) and finally bring all of you to the conversation. Where you have nothing to prove. Where you can be light and giddy but also deep and introspective. Where you finally have the opportunity to listen to yourself, and others, without needing to fix anything. 

Heart-centred circles are a sanctuary for you to do just this. 

A small and intimate container to retreat, refuel and reconnect to what matters to you most - in community, just like our ancestors once did.

I see you.

Giving your time, your energy and your expertise to everybody in your inner circle. You're good at it and it feeds you. Offering your support is your strength and it’s one of the greatest ways that you contribute to your communities.

The only thing is, it’s costing you your own life force. Your pattern of giving has turned into
over-giving...once again. You’re no longer receiving support for yourself and you’re feeling
exhausted - and maybe even resentful. You know you need to take time out to recharge but there’s so much to do and you don’t know how to step back.

Sound like you?

I believe that the act of gathering with other women is a revolutionary act of sisterhood in a society that leans towards keeping us busy, isolated and driving forward without pausing. In these times of change and with so many women feeling lonely, sacred women’s circles might be just the radical act of wellbeing you’ve been searching for.

I’m Seema.

I use the pronouns she/her and I'm a circle holder, leadership coach and experienced heart-centred facilitator. I’ve been sitting in circles (often with a cup of chai!) ever since I was a child and have felt the magic of being in community with women who’s conversations and songs centred around a shared outcome: courage, inspiration, community and wellbeing.  

For years I've led circles and witnessed the way a woman softens and reclaims her sense of belonging as she speaks her truth without needing to justify it. Sound appealing? I invite you to join us!

My why: I believe that creating a more just, equitable, diverse and inclusive world begins with healing our relationship with ourselves, and circles are the place to do just that - one heart-to-heart at a time. 

*I use an inclusive definition of "women" that includes all women and non-binary people
who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of women.




Yes please! Let me know when the next women's circle opens up!