magic ball


When you’re putting one foot in front of the other on your life path, do you ever wish you could ask for a little cosmic guidance to make things clearer? Easier? Less complicated?

That there was some way you could plug in to your intuition to get a nudge in the right direction (or at least a reassuring high five to let you know the Universe has got your back when you’re launching that online course, deciding to leave your 9-5 or transplanting your life from Toronto to Amsterdam)?

But let me guess…no matter how often you adjust your divine antennae or how deep your heart leans in to hear those whispers of inner knowing, the wisdom keeps playing hide ‘n’ seek.


Instead of just asking the stars those holy-loaded questions and waiting for lightning bolts to tell you “what’s next”, you could finally get some holy-liberating answers.

No more relying on “a hunch”

No more murky mindset.

No more gut-level fear.

Just a life forecast set to your soul’s frequency, connecting the dots between where you are now and where you want to be. You wouldn’t plan a picnic without checking the weather, right?

Imagine having the last puzzle piece you need to seal that dream, deepen your relationships, skinny dip into your highest self, and live your freaking heart out.

And the good news? I can give you this kind of spiritual instant gratification a lot easier than you think with an Akashic Record reading so that you can take your life to new heights of clarity and joy!


Pretty much anything that doesn’t require a “yes” or “no”. Questions that start with “what”, “why”, “who” and “how” are where the 7-layer-burrito magic happens.

Here are some questions you may want to fling the Universe’s way:

What makes me so awesome?

Feeling a little out of touch with yourself? Curious about what superpowers you were born to wield? Discover your gifts and blind spots, so you can expand your capacity for happiness and abundance. Because once you’re in cahoots with your custom blend of awesome? THAT’S when you’ll be able to blow past your self-doubts and fast-track your success.

What am I supposed to be doing with my life?

Trudging from milestone to milestone blindly or feel like you’ve just had a passion blackout? Let the cosmos light the way and get you back on the path to clear intentions, so you can start making deep dents on the Universe and step up to your soul’s calling. When you know what you’re meant to be doing in the “now”, synchronicities come a-knockin’ at your door and YOU start manifesting like a mofo. Just look at Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra!

Why is X in my life?

Our life paths are interwoven in mysterious ways. If you’re wondering if you’re with your soul match, how to heal from past love hiccups, or how to deal with changes in any relationship/reconcile differences/deepen your bonds, this will give you the cosmic cues you’ve been looking for.

Should I move? Or make a move?

Got a biggie decision sitting on your mind? Feeling lost in transition? Asking yourself: “Should I stay or should I go?” Sometimes it’s tricky to tell the difference between listening to our intuition and listening to our fears. Get lickety-split guidance when you need it most. Find out if the Universe is telling you to say “YES!” to that new job, sink your roots in another city, ignite the creative business that’s been cartwheeling through your mind, or dive heart-first into a budding relationship.




Yes! I want In!



Yes! I want in!

(*once payment is sent, you’ll receive an email with details on how to grab a spot in my calendar).

“I feel like now, I can tell the stern taskmaster part of me to take a backseat and make room for the relaxed, sensual woman to take control. This is a place that’s much more beautiful for me to create from, and one I want to stay in.”

“Before working with Seema, I always felt like I was supposed to be working harder and achieving more. After our reading, I felt such an immense sense of relief, joy, expansiveness and ease that completely took me by surprise. Seema’s energy is so positive that it was easy to see the future I’m creating for myself and approach it from a place of joy and flow. I’m finally learning to strengthen and trust my own intuitive ability. This is a gift I’ll never forget.”

– Nadine Prada, Artist



A pre-session cheat-sheet to give you inspiration for what questions you might want to ask, so you get the most your of your reading.
An mp3 recording of your session, so you can access those bursts of clarity and a-has on demand, whenever you’re feeling stuck in the future.
A 60-minute reading where I’ll give you a soul perspective on those questions that have been tugging at your heart.
One follow-up email to be used within 2 weeks of your reading, where you can ask me any questions that hit you after your reading. Because let’s face it, sometimes you need a little extra clarity or fire under your butt to propel those initial insights!



60-MINUTE ZOOM SESSION: The Akashic Records space is peaceful, eye-opening, and above all, safe. You’re free to be your wild, vulnerable and uncertain self here. You’re invited with open arms to dig deep. No judgement, just love and self-acceptance.
MY LIPS ARE SEALED: I’m crazy about confidentiality. What happens in the Akashic Records stays in the Akashic Records.
ASK AWAY: You’ll ask your Qs and I’ll tell you what concrete images and feelings are seeping into my mind. Together, we’ll interpret these insights and use them as a launchpad for coaching around how to achieve your goals and make soul-aligned decisions.

“Do yourself a favour and make Seema a part of your clarity process!”

“Having an Akashic Record reading from Seema came at the perfect time. I’ve been spending nights thinking about my life purpose. I felt conflicted between my current life path and daydreaming about my potential ideal life path. I was nervous initially but Seema’s high energy and the warmth in her voice made the reading an extraordinary experience. I now have the clarity and excitement to move towards my dream and make it my reality! The icing on the cake is having a recording of our conversation so that I can go back and listen to it whenever I want! If you need any clarity in your life – do yourself a favour and make Seema a part of your clarity process!”

– My Linh Moeed


  • “Seema is a great spirit and a super supportive Coach who will help you go through a smooth transition, whether you’re making a u-turn or going through a major evolution in your life. ”

    She’s knowledgeable in the Akashic realm and modern coaching methods, and she’s also someone who brings her complete heart and soul to your sessions to make them a thrilling experience. ”

    – Duygu Alptekin, Leadership and Team Coach

  • “The 3 hours I have spent with you in the last 6 months have totally changed the trajectory of my life”

    “Seema, you have a gift! Your coaching and Akashic sessions are priceless! Honestly, the 3 hours I have spent with you in the last 6 months have totally changed the trajectory of my life. I just wanted to tell you this because I know I have not followed the typical path, but with the 3 sessions alone you have helped me in ways that you can’t imagine. THANK YOU!”

    – Milen Teweldai, Pharmacist


“You will be forever changed”

“Seema’s passionate commitment to me getting a clear and meaningful experience during my session made her work with me both profound and moving. I am deeply grateful for how her desire to serve has such a big impact. If you get the chance, work with her. You will be forever changed.”

– Signy Wilson, Success Coach

  • “Her insights brought my confidence back.”

    “My session with Seema was illuminating as she revealed insights from my Akashic Records. I had no idea what was involved, and in hindsight, that was probably ideal.  Through Seema, I was able to find my inner strength to try new things and finally have those icky conversations I was previously afraid to have. Her insights brought my confidence back. I love that she offers a complete package, digital recording and all! I have listened to the recording several times as a refresher and have continued to absorb and apply the solutions I was given to my challenges. I would recommend a reading with Seema especially if you feel that there is a little piece of the puzzle missing in your life. Her insights will help you identify and magically bring that puzzle piece to light.”

    – Allyson Reid, Social Media Marketer

  • “I felt amazing after the session and more trusting of my intuition”

    “I wasn’t sure how having a reading would affect me, as I already know my path and purpose. I was quite blown away to get the messages from Seema. She confirmed everything I already knew intuitively and it was fantastic to be able to talk about it with someone who understands. I felt amazing after the session and more trusting of my intuition. I feel it has pushed me further than I might have on my own. Seema’s support is so affirming and she is gifted at what she does. It got to the point where the messages she shared started manifesting in my life. What a blast!”

    – Andrea Tung, Life Purpose Numerologist

    “From our interaction, I gained peace, reassurance as well as support tools to clear some emotions and energy that was no longer serving me.”

    “When I approached Seema for an Akashic Record reading, I was looking for validation that I was on the right path and that the choices I was making were the right ones for me. I wanted to ensure I both knew my purpose and was aligning my life with it. From our interaction, I gained peace, reassurance as well as support tools to clear some emotions and energy that was no longer serving me. I would absolutely recommend her! She has a gift that helps you better understand where you are in life, helps you process events in your life and offers encouragement and validation for those moments where you just feel like you need a ‘second’ opinion!”

    – Stephanie Markou,World-Changing Web Presence Enabler