It’s just February – begin again

February-13-2018 0 comments

It’s so easy Seema,

It’s easy to feel behind.

It’s easy to feel like you haven’t done enough. #theresalwaysmore

It’s easy to assume all your biz buddies have their Q1 plans mapped out and are in full on implementation mode with their editorial calendars, their social media posts and their launch funnels.

Heck – you might even make up that your friends have already rocked a 30 day yoga challenge with a 100% participation score. Forget about busting a downward dog – you can’t even find your yoga mat!

It’s easy to make up stories like that.

But it’s also easy to make up a different (more supportive) story.

It’s also easy to make up that in a world of 7 billion people, there must be someone else who feels behind. Hand raised over here. 😐

It’s also easy to make up that there must be someone else who feels like she didn’t do enough in January. Hand raised.

That there must be another mortal who despite her best intentions, has yet to lay down a yoga mat, read a good book, start a new meditation practice….the list goes on.

So today I invite us both to read the writing on the wall – literally.

This was the poster staring at me while I sipped my flat white this morning in Mia Coffee in Malaga, Spain:

The cartoon-like characters and scribbles outside the lines made me smile.

It reminded me to play.

To have fun.

To colour outside the lines.

To not take life so seriously.

And most importantly, to CHILL OUT. It’s just February…not D-Day #thegiftsofperspective

You can begin again.

Today is a new day.

Today you can create a new story.

A story that supports you.

A story that creates momentum in the direction you want. Flow-ville, not overwhelm-ville.

A story that starts with – chilling out.

Will you join me?

Chill out and just begin again?

For the love of flow,

ps. If you’re still looking for a way to set intentions and goals for 2018, this blog will help you do that.

You can also catch the video where Peter and I share our intentions and theme words for 2018 and how you can use yours to make decisions this year.

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