My Personal Growth Accelerators

My journey as an entrepreneur has been packed with freedom, adventure, excitement and loads of peek-a-boo moments into who I truly am without an organization’s brand or vision to lean on (eek!).  As a teenager, my parents exposed me to many personal development gurus including Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra, and so I was very humbled to learn that I still had (many) blind spots and places to grow.  And so being me (a.k.a addicted to personal growth), I dug up as many tools as I could to uncover those blind spots and help me become the most expanded version of myself – so that I can help others do the same.

Below are a few of the most valuable resources I have come across, because they blend theory into actual practice, which leads to real results.

Digital Courses

The works of Denise Duffield (money mindset guru) and Danielle Laporte (soulful living guru) have helped me get through many Advil-popping moments as it relates to money, success and living a life defined by my own terms.

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A Free Manifesting Course


A Free Money Manifesting Audio


The Money Bootcamp Course


The Fire Starter Sessions Book


The Fire Starter Sessions Audio Course


The Desire Map eBook


The Desire Map Audio Book


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Now Discover Your Strengths

Developing Intuition - Shakti Gawain

Lean In - Sheryl Sandberg

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us - Seth Godin

The Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz



The Language of Emotions

Taming Your Gremlin

Theory U

The Stake

The Anatomy of Peace

Change Your Thoughts, Change your Life

Tao of Pooh

Inspirational Videos

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

The Skill of Self Confidence: Dr. Ivan Joseph at TEDxRyersonU

How To Have Self Confidence – Tony Robbins – Stop Kidding Yourself

Thandie Newton: Embracing otherness, embracing myself

Food for your left brain

Why Coaching Works (Infographic)