On paper, I bet it looks like you’ve got all the boxes of success checked off. You’ve got a one-track mind for go-getting. Incurable do-it-all-ness. 22 coloured Sharpies you storm your agenda with on a daily basis. (Welcome to the club, wink.) 

You’ve got SO much to be stoked for. Accomplishments to be proud of. Not to mention, talent coming out your ears. Yes. Your ambition is worth celebrating.

So why is there still a tug at your heart…like something’s missing?

This crazytown life that you (admittedly) savor should be enough, but it’s like your creativity pipes are clogged. You feel disconnected from that radiant, rebel-streaked woman that hides under her to-do list. And that passion board on your wall is starting to look a little…saggy around the edges.

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to feel like you’d give anything to just feel that wild crack of aliveness. That loving pulse of connectivity. That unexpected vibration of limitless possibilities. That luscious ease of being in your soul groove. 

And maybe that insatiable longing for more has got you playing hide ‘n’ seek with spirituality (ok, you feel weird even calling it that). Maybe you’ve been living out of self-help books and looking to big name “gurus” for the answers, or simply following the crumbs of your curiosity, hoping you stumble upon some wisdom along the way.

The only problem is: All you’ve really come across is more quantum-deep questions, like…

  • Why can’t I seem to close that gap between where I’m at now in life, love and work…and where I wanna be?
  • Why is it nearly impossible for me to feel in-the-now for those giggle-punctuated coffee dates with girlfriends, intensive mind-melds with clients, or delicious between-the-sheet rendezvous with my significant other?
  • Why can’t I muster up the moxie to put my million-dollar business ideas into motion, champion the causes I’m inspired by, or book that long-awaited trip to Paris?
  • And why (oh why) can’t I figure out out what I’m really here on this big, bright Universe to do?
I’ll tell you why, hunnie:
Because you’re in the midst of a soul growth spurt!

All of that drag-your-feet confusion and restless rattling in your head is a sign that you’re trying to expand into your highest potential. (And that’s not a bad thing, either.)

Luckily, this is where my glittery gifts come out to play. So if you’re ready to find your soul swagger and start living with intention, then I’m your go-to gal!

I’m Seema, a Certified Coach and world wide Coach Trainer with CTI who holds a B.Sc. in Psychology and ACC designation with the International Coaching Federation. But really, I like to think of myself as a personal Soul Stylist for lady bosses around the world who are used to a life of zipping and zooming. (Sound like you?)

That means I’m here to give your soul some stylin’ and your confidence more va-va-voom, so you can become the most fabulicious, fierce and inspired version of you!Just think of it as expanding your daily happiness quota, taking your life to soul-shakin’ “OMG!” territory, and feeling psyched to wake up to your sweeter-than-Belgium-waffles existence every morning. (Oh yeah. THAT good.)

I’ve also been called a rebel-rocket of soul liberation. An intuition-powered guide who illuminates those gaps between dreaming and manifesting. And yes, even a celestial conduit—the kind that knows how to put a real word spin on woo woo. (That’s me!)

My mission is sublimely simple:

“To help you get one foot back into the land of being…and of being YOU…so you can start living a life of exhilarating proportions. ”

Here’s what that would look like:

Being able to slip into your divine feminine energy even after wearing your power pants all day long, so YOU can feel taken care of (for once).
Pulling those stray thoughts together, setting clear intentions, and learning how to say “YES!” to desire—not obligation.
Co-creating with your higher level of consciousness and marinating in a sharpened sense of who you are and why you’re here.
No longer using the state of “busy” to prove your worth to yourself, or anyone else
Becoming a manifestation machine by learning how to turn visualization into action. (And getting more done by understanding that sometimes, a girl’s just gotta watch an episode of Suits before diving into her to-do list and ripping open her laptop.)
Becoming receptive to the synchronicities the universe floats your way and watching doors fly open at every turn, instead of trying to do everything “the hard way”.
Giving your soul just as much stimulation as your brain, whether that means creating a zen nook in your home, taking more walks through the park, napping (shamelessly, of course), or hosting wine and trashy celeb mag nights with your girlfriends.
Thinking about how you want to feel in being, not what you’ll get from doing.
Shedding self-doubt and the rewriting the stories that are keeping you stuck, so you can start seeing yourself in an “anything’s possible” light.
Cracking open that can of courage and taking more risks—whether that means training for a triathlon, self-publishing that teen fiction book, asking that tall-dark-and-handsome barista on a date, or rockin’ the stage at your first conference.
Taking time out to appreciate the simple and most intoxicating pleasures in life—just-washed bedsheets, fresh blooms on your windowsill, getting dressed up in your hot-to-trot little black dress for a night out on the town. Me-ow.


I know that these kind of life-altering a-has are possible for you, because this is exactly the change I’ve been able to create by tapping into a mindful mindset.


“Since experiencing life coaching first hand my friends and family have noticed positive changes in me. I am noticing them too; I am so much more of a pleasure to be around, enjoying the simple pleasures in life and savoring and living life moment to moment. This has made me a better daughter, sister and friend. Professionally I am extremely passionate about what I do, I know my purpose and am good at it. My co-workers also comment on the positive changes that have taken place for me. Overall I view the glass as being half full instead of empty, counting my blessings and being grateful for what I do have and noticing and enjoying this! :) Every so often I find myself just smiling at how very far I have come.”

Sabeena, HR Consultant

Who I am in a (pea)nut shell:

  • I live part-time in Canada and part-time in Europe.
  • I’m lovingly obsessed with decadent chocolate, coffee, Suits (because, um, Harvey Specter), Jimmy Fallon skits, and DIY projects on Pinterest.
  • Meditation and writing in a gratitude journal are two of my essential daily practices.
  • I’m the queen of veggie lasagnas.You’ll never beat me at Taboo (but you can certainly try).
  • Shopping is my not-so-secret addiction, a throwback to my days as a Stella & Dot stylist.
  • I have dreams of one day being a sultry jazz bar singer, and I’m even taking vocal lessons to perfect my pipes. (When I’m all in, I’m all in.)

And my story? Well, it goes a little something like this:

In junior high and high school, I struggled to fit in with the “cool girls”. I knew I wanted something outside the status quo, but I didn’t always trust that feeling. So I shoved it beneath the surface and stayed the outsider. 

Growing up managing a family business and spending 10+ years in the healthcare industry, my creativity began to feel cramped inside the scientific box. I was tired of calling my left-side brain home. (Hey, when your entire family is in pharmaceuticals, it’s hard not to.)

And then came corporate. I was a climb-the-ladder woman who could run with the practical-to-the-bone types, but what did I love most? Colouring outside the lines. I took risks that paid off ten-fold. I started getting impressed glances from my managers. And that’s when I thought: Hey, I’m onto something here! I wanted more of THAT, so I left to figure out what was still missing from my life.

You see, for a long time, I hid behind my accomplishments and rational thinking because I assumed that was what it took to be successful. I (mistakenly) believed that my ambition could never co-exist with calm, ease or cosmic experiences.

Even though I was the picture of success, inside, my soul was begging for me to dip my toe into the deep end of self-awareness and make the ripples in the world I knew I was meant to.

It wasn’t until I finally reawakened the right-brained rebel inside me, tackled “the big stuff” and waded out into the seas of spirituality that I truly started thriving. Only THEN was I able to create a launchpad for a business and life I love, where luxuriating in long baths and unplugging wasn’t just reserved for weekends.

And I learned something else too: That being resourceful isn’t just about finding ways to get stuff done. It’s about utilizing all of our assets and all of our facets of being to ensure the journey from point A to point B feels good to us. It’s about owning our gifts, so we can create the change and impact we were always meant to.

Because that’s when the universe gets on our side and synchronicities fall into our lap. That’s when we start syncing up with our highest potential and start investing in self-belief—the only currency that matters. And that’s when the going gets easy, and life gets all kinds of bigger and brighter.

Wanna know what that feels like? If you’re ready to do this, then give yourself a little gratitude hug. For committing. For believing in what you’re truly capable of. I can’t wait to see your powers reach peak velocity, while I’m strapped in right next to you.

Before we get started, imagine where you’d go if anywhere was an option.